The first step … which music?

Using the might of Google, lets see what websites crop-up as offering music to help babies sleep … (in no particular order) …



3. (these guys seem ahead of the pack in that you can purchase the tracks immediately and download the mp3 tracks onto your PC)





A different list of music collections that promote the ability to let babies sleep

1. “Baby Sleep” by Erato(reviewed at: (These are baby carriers not music providers so no idea why they are advertising on a “baby sleep music” search query on Google!) (These guys are really losing money as a top slot on Google adwords for the search query “baby sleep music” takes you to a page with nothing on it!


One Response to “The first step … which music?”

  1. RookieMom Heather Says:

    We found most of our favorite music, even the mellow stuff, to be too “intense” for our newborn. This cd of babyfied Beatles music was an exception. We still play it in the car to cue our 20-month old that it’s time to chill out:

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