Baby Rock Records

January 23, 2007

Coming close to the top of our list of favourites are Baby Rock Records who record lullaby versions of rock songs from modern bands …. although watch out for hookie copies:

With more and more companies selling electronic music tracks online we wonder how they will handle piracy? – see our other favourite who sells only electronic tracks (no CDs!) –


Playing music to babies may help them learn!

January 23, 2007

Erin Hannon found such a specialization in the area of music and rhythms. She says, “At six months infants respond to familiar and unfamiliar rhythms — so, rhythms from their own culture, and other cultures — equally well. By 12 months however, we find that infants have a very culture-specific way of responding to rhythms.”

Article about music helping babies sleep

January 22, 2007

A basic introduction by Elizabeth Pantley here: Sounds to Help Your Baby Sleep

The first step … which music?

January 22, 2007

Using the might of Google, lets see what websites crop-up as offering music to help babies sleep … (in no particular order) …



3. (these guys seem ahead of the pack in that you can purchase the tracks immediately and download the mp3 tracks onto your PC)





A different list of music collections that promote the ability to let babies sleep

1. “Baby Sleep” by Erato(reviewed at: (These are baby carriers not music providers so no idea why they are advertising on a “baby sleep music” search query on Google!) (These guys are really losing money as a top slot on Google adwords for the search query “baby sleep music” takes you to a page with nothing on it!

Music to help babies sleep: complete tosh?

January 22, 2007

With our new baby due to be born any minute now we thought it might be fun to write a blog as we try-out each of the heavily marketed “music for babies” products out with the harshest critic of all: our newborn baby …

Bit of background: we are parents of two children.  Well, to be accurate, parents of one little girl who will be 3 years old at the end of the month and with luck parents of a baby who is due to be born in the next week or so.

Our little girl had real problems sleeping for the first 8 months of her little life.  Nothing seemed to work, including advice from a mountain of baby books and ideas from friends-and-family, so we turned to ‘alternative’ ideas and started to purchase music marketed as helping babies sleep – including lullabies and “white noise music”.  Some of this music seemed to help, others were entirely useless.

If hubby can get his act together with the digital video camera we will post clips of the success of each CD at calming down our newborn.

We will also dream up a scorecard to give an idea of the relative usefulness of each attempt at music for babies and do the usual “review” sort of stuff – cost, service, …

Hopefully, by the time we are done we should have created a useful little resource for parents who are interested in the success (or failure) of the heavily marketed music that claims to help babies sleep.

We will keep our identities anonymous to ensure that anyone we are buying music from does not know it is us!